Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yarn Cafe

Surprise gift #2 Done!

Yesterday was my first visit to a LYS (Local Yarn Store). I got invited by a group of Knitties, which I thought knew each other, but turned out they didn't. I had such a nice time! We sat there knitting and talking for 2 hrs at Yarn Cafe. It's not close to were I live, but it was well worth the trip.

Before going I decided to break my yarn diet and I did ;-) 15 min. before closing I stared looking around and found 2 balls of Misti Alpaca Suri Silk yarn. My label says it's Worsted 4 ply, but it does look like DK, just like the website. I got one in Expresso and another in Hematite, both very manly colors. I hope its enough to make DH a hat. oh! did I mention that they were $3.50 each!!!

I definitely would go back to Yarn Cafe, the staff was very friendly, they help me find the group (there were several), helped find some super wash wool that I didn't buy, we were the last to go and everyone was very nice about it.

I have to say that this was also my first knitting group experience, I mean, I had knitted in groups, but I was the only one knitting. Now that I think about it Kate and I would knit together while watching Gilmore Girls, does that count?

Ayer me junte con un grupo de tejedoras que conoci por Knitty. Fue muy agradable. Nos quedamos de ver en una tienda de estambres que se llama Yarn Cafe. Si alguna vez estan en el area visitenla, el staff es muy atento y tienen un monton de estambres. Yo me compre 2 madejas de estambre de alpaca, estaban rebajadas y no me pude resistir. Me fieje que tienen un estambre 100% lana de de Merino, 210 yds por bola y costaba como $5.50, en un monton de colores, pero no me puedo acordar del nombre. Tendre que regresar a buscarlo! Buscando un poco lo encontre! resulta que no era lana de merino, pero cuando lo toque se me hizo tan suavecito que yo core por eso lo recorde asi.

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Theresa said...

I love knitting groups - it's nice to have people as crazy as we are around, isn't it?