Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back to reality

Yesterday, the Yarn Harlot posted on her blog that there are 42 days until Christmas, now 41. I gotta say, it hit me hard! I don't know why to me a month sounds much longer that 42 days, I know, it doesn't make sense. I need to start turbo knitting.
One of the reasons that I haven't made that much progress is because instead of concentrating on the bigger gifts , I'm knitting the one pattern that is small and I already know, so it makes for wonderful mindless knitting, no checking or looking at a pattern. Today I'm going to start one big project and hope I can finish on time.

I was on ravelry, when I came across this website As a knitter, I know that when you travel (or not) you want to have as much S.E.X (stash enhancement xcursion) as you can and this website is going to make a lot of traveling knitters happy. Look how many yarn stores are in my area!

*that kitty used to live outside my parents home in Mexico. She was sweet and in love with Huevo ( a dog). We don't know what happened to her, one day she was gone.

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jazibe said...

y que tiene que ver la enamorada con la navidad? jeje
tejele, tejele, Charlotte!