Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Done!..Well almost

I'm finished with the sleeves (got them done while watching the Germany vs Italy match), now I'm blocking, not sure if this is how I'm supposed to do it, I didn't use steam. Here's a picture of the almost finished product, I have to practice the crochet edge on the swatch first before doing it on the real thing. Hopefully I'll have it done by Friday, so I can wear it to Kate's book presentation.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bad blogger

I really don't think that anyone is reading this, not even my family ;-) still if I have a blog I should really try to give updates more often. This update comes to you courtesy of the bookmobile laptop, so no pictures today. I'm done with the back, left and right fronts, yey! I casted on one of the sleeves today, hopefully I'll be done with the sleeves in a couple of days at the most and I cans start to worry about the crochet edge. I'll take pictures of the body while blocking it. By the way, Mexico got eliminated by Argentina. Have a great 4th of July.