Sunday, November 30, 2008


I finally had a chance (or the inclination) to take pictures of some FO's.

Here they are:
This combo was part of my mom's birthday present, but since that is in Oct and now we're closer to Christmas, it is now part of her Christmas present ;-)

For the beret I followed instructions in The Complete Book of Progressive Knitting, very easy
fast. I used La Grand Mohair . Details are at Ravelry.

My inspiration for the neck warmer was the Purl scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It's very easy, just K1P1 until you have the right length. I made it shorter and used some buttons to make it a nice neck warmer. The yarns I used were La gran Mohair, Bernat's Cool Crochet and some yarn that I got while in Paris (you can see it here). I love it! it's very easy, super warm and a great stash buster. I might have to make one for myself.

This is another rainbow hat. It was knitted originally for my soon-to-be-born nice, but It came out a Little too big, so I decided to give it to Anna. She's one and a half years old and I think it fits her nicely. I'll knit a smaller version for the baby, because you know, she's not chopped liver ;-)

The pattern is Lil' Devil Baby hat. The hat ended up having 2 sides, a mostly red side and a blue side. Anna really liked it and didn't want to take it off.

I'm getting closer to my 100th post, yey! What should I do? Maybe a contest?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

looking for a post

Have you seen it? I'm looking for a post. I know I should post something, but can't somehow come up with an idea. I don't have pictures of my latest FO's and my brain is so fried from waking up at 3:40 for so many days that I can't really think of anything to post.
I can tell you about my day...
I woke up around 5am, a little later than usual because I had a medical appointment.
I left the house and was on time for my "procedure". It was not painful ( i thought it was going to be), but it wasn't pleasant either. That went pretty well. GAD!
After that we had breakfast at The Bad Waitress (for some reason I always call it the naughty waitress). The food is really good and we remember that we forgot to take my sisters there.
After that I went to work. I came in at 9am and started mixing scones (Orange + candied ginger), then I made a huge batch of chocolate chunk cookies, scooped them and started again with cherry oatmeal cookies. The place where I'm working (is it really working if you're not getting paid?) is fairly new, but becoming very popular. Everything is delicious!
I left at 2.30pm to catch a ride with a neighbor that works near by.
Got home, ate a sandwich with lots of onions and then watched Desperate Housewives and that's where I'm right now...
DH will get some take out (maybe spicy noodles) and we'll watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
We'll go to bed early and start all over again tomorrow.
How was your day?

p.s. now that I have reviewed my day I think that that I should be doing laundry and washing the dishes

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chocolate extravaganza

Saturday I had the opportunity to attend the chocolate extravaganza for free...if you don't count the stress of having to make a chocolate sculpture to enter to the contest.
As part of one of my classes, we had to make a chocolate sculpture and enter it in the contest.

The theme was sports and we had only 2 days to make the sculptures.

There were several requirements that we had to meet, like height (16"), use of at least two colors, use of cut-out chocolate, molded and modeling chocolate.

I didn't put too much time into the planning and it showed on the final piece.

My piece had several "delicate" parts and I was adviced by my instructor to assemble it and put the finishing touches the day of the competition. I was told there was going to be tempered chooclate ready for us to use as glue, but there wasn't, and then... several parts of my piece broke. I guess it happens, and poor planning and execution add to the risk factors.

I don't think my piece was the best (far, far from it), but it wasn't the worst either.

I learned a lot and if I had to do it again I would change several things, but what can I do now, right?

Here's my piece. It's a soccer field with soccer balls ( I lost one and had to drop Mexico from the field), on top of each ball is a flag. Uruguay hosted the first world cup in 1932, USA hosted in 1994 and Germany hosted last in 2006. The next World cup will take place in 2010 and South Africa will be hosting.
The background was supposed to look like the logo for World Cup 2010, but I could not get all the pieces to stand right...I'm just happy that I had something to present. When the pieces started breaking, I told a friend that at least I had the big guy...and as soon as those words came out of my mouth... it broke!
I have no idea who won, but I'll update the post with a picture of that sculpture as soon as I know.
Tickets for the event were $25 and since we got to go in for free, we decided to walk around and get some of the freebies. My favorite was the Mayan Experience, it was delicious! it was like a liquid dessert, so chocolaty and decadent. Their Potion N.9 was also good, I can picture it with cookies, ice cream or as a very rich frosting on a cupcake.
There were lots of wine vendors giving free samples, but I didn't try them. I guess that If I had paid the full price I would have, you know, so it would be worth it ;-)
Have you had your chocolate fix today?

Friday, November 14, 2008

I spy

This is what I'm doing on a Friday night. DH is having dinner with residency candidates and I'm waiting for Ghost Whisperer to start on TV (I think she'll wake up and everything will be a nightmare).

I spy, I spy with my little UFO!

* Hat to match boots

I spy, I spy with my little eye...a barley drink

*Newcastle brown ale

I spy, I spy with my little eye...a guy drinking coffee

* Sam from Private Practice

I spy, I spy with my little eye...a free magazine subscription

*Ready Made magazine

I spy, I spy with my little eye... a relaxing friday night

* After my first week of internship

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Abril is...

-Knitting a scarf for mom (Purl scarf from Last Minute Knitted gifts)

- Listening to Brisinger

- Waiting for Eclipse

- Watching Friends (season 2) & Sarah Connor Chronicles

- Waking up at 4 am for 3 weeks

- Going to the Chocolate Extravaganza

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thanks for visiting us!

My sister and my friend Ali decided (finally!) to come and visit us for a few days.
We had a lot of fun. We made bread (focaccia, oh-so-good!), I made Tarte tatin, we shopped, drank beer, but mostly we just enjoyed each other's company.
Gracias por visitarnos!!! No se tarden en regresar.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Manana empiezo mis practicas de reposteria. Tengo que acumular 120 hrs y el lugar donde las voy a hacer no paga a sus "internos".
Estoy un poco ansiosa y a pesar de que me tengo que levantar muy temprano (5am) no me puedo dormir y aqui estoy navegando la red.
Deberia de poner a tejer la bufanda de mi mama, esa que le voy a hacer para que haga juego con la boinita que ya le teji (lo que me recuerda: tomar fotos de boina).
Tengo muchos proyectos de tejido en mi lista. Por un momento pense que podria tejer regalos de navidad para todos, pero recupere la cordura y me di cuenta que me quedan poco menos de 6 semanas para compeltarlos. Decidi que mejor me llevo los proyectos a Suiza y los tejo mientras este visitando a mi hermana.
*nota a mi hermana: los de ustedes si los voy a llevar hechos ;-)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Greenery Hat

Today was cold enough to merit wearing a hat. I snapped this picture of DH as we were leaving for schools this morning ( I know, it sucks to go to school on a Sat., but I'm done!)
The pattern is Greenery Hat, knitted in Fishermen's Wool. I used 5mm (8US) needles.
I did about 4" of the ribbing pattern . The pattern is written line by line, which is nice because I don't know how to read charts. After a while the knitting gets pretty intuitive.
I like it , he likes it and we're all very happy.

Friday, November 07, 2008


Apparently I didn't realize yesterday that it WAS already Thursday! It snowed today for most of the morning, but there was no accumulation and it didn't get that cold, so the hat is still unused.
Today was my last day of production class. In this class we pretend to have a bakery and we make products to sale to faculty, staff and students. Each week we take turns to be the "manager". It was very hectic, but fun. Tomorrow we get to finish our sugar sculptures ( I promise there will be pictures later) and Monday I start my internship. I need 120 hrs, so it will take me about 3 weeks. After that I only have 3 weeks to get ready for my trip! It will probably take me that long to pack.
I forgot to write about a beret I made for my mom (this is just a remainder for myself, he he he)

p.s. post without pictures are no fun :-(

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Me ganaron...

My sister posted pictures of the Baby Surplice jacket that I made for my soon-to-be born niece. You can see them here.
I finished DH hat. It turned out very nicely, just in time for the first real snow ( maybe this Thursday?). Haven't taken pictures because the sun hasn't come out in days. This weather reminds me of the weather in the little town of Forks, from the Twilight saga...I know, don't judge me, I've been sucked in.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

History in the making...

This is huge and just being alive to witness it gives me goosebumps.

"Entre los individuos, como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz"

Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace.
Benito Juarez

Monday, November 03, 2008


I know I already missed a day, but still, in the spirit of NoBloPoMo here's a list of things I have on my needles (sorry, no pictures, only links)

Juliet I started this almost a year ago (can it be that long?). I ran into some problems because I substituted the original yarn and my gauge was much , much smaller.

Phiaro Technically off the needles, but still need to hide all the ends and braid the fringe. I didn't use a pattern, I kinda figured it out myself , very easy mindless knitting.

The Greenery Hat This is for DH. I'm using Lion Brand's fishermen's wool in brown. I really like it, hopefully it will be done before it snows... for real (ok, it has snowed, but it was mostly rain and it didn't accumulate)

I know I have lots of UFO's but I can't recall names or yarns...I'll leave that for later.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Feliz Dia de los Muertos



I have lots of knitting to share, I promise it will be soon!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Relaxing in the balcony
As promised in my last post, I'm going to post pictures of a very funny cat.His name is Quincy and he lives here.

For our anniversary, my husband surprised me with a weekend trip (it was actually in July, but I'm a little behind posting). He booked a B & B and did all the research (I'm so lucky!). I'm gonna be honest, the idea of staying in someone's home was a little bit creepy, but at the end I was very happy with his decision and we had a lot of fun. That is just one of the reasons that I love him so much...

When we parked in front of the house, Quincy was there to greet us

Noticed anything different?

At first I thought the cat was sick, but I couldn't stop petting him because he was so friendly ;-)

Myriam, the owner, said it's called a "lion's haircut", I thought it was very funny! I really hope they let his fur grow for the winter.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


...that's how I feel for not posting. I feel so guilty, that I even dreamed that I had updated the blog.
I've been very busy and lazy, that's all I have to say for myself. I started a new job (can't tell you where, just in case I want to rant about it) and a new quarter in school.

I've been knitting for my new niece and had a little project in between.
Let me show you what I've been doing:

This little booties are the first thing that I knitted for the baby. My sister told me she was pregnant less than one week before she was supposed to arrive for her visit. I had to have something for the baby, so I decided on these little worsted-weight booties. They were very quick and she liked them a lot. This were knitted before we knew it was a girl, I think the yarn works both ways, but the dad disagrees (I'm glad it's a girl!).

The yarn used is some recycled wool that I dyed some time ago and used for Zaida's hat. I still have enough left for another hat or maybe a small jacket, What do you think? Do you think the yarn is "too much" for a little jacket?

This is EZ's Surplice Jacket

It's almost done (that's an old picture), but I won't show what it looks like until It gets to Zurich.

I finally finished my little brother's scarf! I started it a long time ago. I think it's too small, or at least not as big as I intended it to be at the beginning. I noticed that my gauge has gotten considerably looser in this last years. Compare the beginning and end, maybe I've become a more relaxed knitter, who knows.

The yarn is (if my memory doesn't fail me) Lion Brand Wool-ease and I used 2 balls.

I made a Bainbridge scarf for myself. This was a very quick and easy knit. So easy and quick that I considered making it as this year's Christmas present...then I tried it on, not at all what I had in mind, but the more time passes the more it grows on me. I think I finished it like a month ago, and after trying it again for the picture, I'm now thinking it would be a great Christmas present ;-)

The yarn that I used is this one that I dyed myself.

Okay, enough for today. I still have pictures to show you (there's one of a cat) and stories to tell you ( that I think about it, do I ? really?) I don't want to use up all my material in one post because we know what that leads to...

Thursday, July 10, 2008


(en Español aqui)

I didn't realize it had been such a long time since my last post! A lot has happen since then:

- Finished another quarter at school. Actually, my month long break is almost over :-(

Final project for Artisan Breads class. The theme was "movies". The whole thing is made out of live and dead dough

- Some news I'm not at liberty to disclose, but might be soon posted here. Very exciting!

- My sister came to visit. She stayed here for about 3 weeks and then we traveled together to Mexico to visit. It was such a treat to have them here (brother in law arrived 2 weeks later). We both had lists of all the things we wanted to do together (crafts, cooking, shopping), but we didn't have enough time to do them all. The hectic last weeks of school and the move to a new apartment made for a crazy schedule. We still had a chance to do some fun things

Sis and brother in law observing Rembrandt's Lucretia

New bear exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo

Beautiful Minnehaha falls

- We had a Usual Suspects reunion. I met this group of friends through my sister and we used to hang out a lot together while we all lived in Bloomington, IN. then everybody moved and we ended up all scattered around the world. It was really fun to hang out again with all of them, just like old times. We still missed Kate and Gera. Thanks for visiting guys!

Everybody soaking the sun at the Sculpture Garden

- We moved to a new apartment. I left town 2 days after the move, so I'm still unpacking and trying to get my stash organized. Next post I'll show you some of the things I have on my needles.

- Meanwhile I managed to finish some knitting!

I knitted Gera some poop for his birthday! I got the idea here. It was very easy and it looks like it was a hit! I used some Nashua yarn that I had left over from another project (which I just realized I haven't post it)

Mi tia Yaya asked me if I could make her a mañanita, I looked around and it turns out it's just like a poncho or caplet. She lives in Arizona, so she wanted something light and definitely not wool. The pattern is Eudora from the book Viva Poncho. I used Red Heart Soft Solids and 9 US needles. I liked the pattern it was very intuitive and it gets smaller (and faster!) as you progress because it's knitted from the bottom up. My fear was that it was too small. My aunt loved it and it look like it was the right size. (Jazy said that it looked like Batman's grandmother cape, he he he, funny).

I used some wood vintage buttons that I had. I crocheted a little loop on one of the sides.

The yarn harlot socks are finally done! I sewed them up on the plane (with a plastic needle) and gave them to my mom as a late Mother's day present. It was funny because it was so hot in Juarez (while I was there it was over 100F) that the last thing you could want is a pair of wool socks, but I know she'll wear them to bed during the winter.

Again, I was worried about the fit. I used needles 2 size larger to bind off and make a stretchier top. In real life they're not as tight as in the picture. The pattern is Sox on 2 stix and I used Woll Service Super 7 yarn, a superwash wool (i can't find a link) on 6US needles. I liked the pattern, but next time I need to keep better track of the rows, because I ended up with a bottom longer that the top.

A friend of mine had twins and I wanted to make some cute little hats. Long story short, the babies were already 2 weeks old when I met them and it turns out that they weren't as tiny as expected (for twins). To make things worst I could only finish one hat and it didn't fit. Oh well, there's always winter, right?
The pattern is from Pipi Knits stockings, peaches and cream cotton yarn and 6US needles (2 circulars because I fear of DPN's)

I hope I get my posting rhythm back (like I had one!) and soon I can show you some things I've been knitting.

Thanks for reading!


Pues vaya que si me trade en escribir algo esta vez, no? y para acabarla de amolar mi traduccion al español es mas simple, asi que mil disculpas por eso.
En estos dos meses que no he escrito nada han pasado varias cosas, unas si las puedo contar y otras todavia no.

Acabe mi segundo tetramestre en la escuela y ya mero empiezo el tercero. Como trabajo final de la clase de panes artesanales hicimos una escultura de pan (foto). El tema fue "El Cine". A mi me encanto, aunque si le hubiera cambiado unas cosas.

Mi hermana Jazy y su esposo nos vinieron a visitar. Jazy se quedo con nosotros 3 semanas y luego nos fuimos todos junto a Juarez . Me la pase tan padre con ella! No hicimos muchas de las cosas que queriamos hacer, como coser, enseñarle a tejer, pintar unas cosas y demas. Pero si alcanzamos a visitar museos, parques y el zoologico. Mientras ella estaba aca, tambien vinieron a visitarnos otros amigos, tuvimos una reunion (aunque faltaron Kate y Gera). Me diverti montones!

Nos mudamos de apartamento y todavia estoy tratando de ordenar y desempacar cajas. La cosa es que en vez de purgar y empacar yo empaque y ahora estoy viendo que me traje cosas que no necesito, quiero o uso. En fin!

Que es un blog de tejidos sin fotos de tejidos? no se, pero ha de ser muy aburrido ;-)
He aqui lo que he hecho:

Le tejia mi tia Yaya una Mañanita. El patron se llama Eudora y esta en el libro Viva Poncho. Use estambre acrilico porque mi tia queria algo lijero y facil de cuidar. El unico pendiente que tenia es que no le quedara, pero al parecer ya se la midio y si le queda (digo al parecer porque se la mande con mis papas que fueron a visitarla). Cuando me manden las fotos yo se las enseño.

A Gera para su cumpelaños le teji una caquita, jejejeje, agarre la inspiracion de aqui y al parecer le encanto!

Los calcetines que empece cuando fui a ver a la Yarn Harlot ya estan terminados! Los acabe mientras iva en el avion, ya nada mas faltaba cerrar las costuras y use una aguja de plastico para no tener problemas con seguridad. Se los regale a mi mama. Yo se que no les va adar mucho uso en Juarez durante el verano, pero una vez que llegue el invierno no se los va a quitar ni para dormir! Use un estambre de lana lavable y el patron de Knitty.

Y por ultimo mi amiga Adriana tuvo gemelos! Yo le queria tejer algo a los bebes, pero entre calcular mal la talla del gorro (solo alcance a tejer uno) y el hecho de que no nacieron tan pequeños (5 kilos entre los 2) y que los conoci a las dos semanas de nacido, no les quedaron! Bueno mas bien no le quedo el gorro a ninguno de los dos, solo a scully. Ya sera para la proxima, no? Este es el patron que use con estambre de algodon.

Para la proxima les muestro lo que ahorita estoy tejiendo.

Gracias por leer el blog!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Felicidades Mama!

Modelando una panta que le teji en Dic.2005

Mama, gracias por todo. Te quiero!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Baby Bobbi Bear

Isn't he cute? I love it. It was a somewhat easy knit, there were times when I got lost in the pattern, but it was easy enough to take it on a plane with me.This is the pattern and I got it through a swap on Knitty, thanks Jeannie!

I also have the "regular" size Bobbi Bear pattern, one of these days I'll knit that one too.

Lets see... I used some worsted wool, no label and probably from a thrift store. I had some leftover yarn (I'm thinking cupcakes) and used 2 circular needles to knit it. The tie is some yellow ribbon the I had. I felt that it looked "naked", the tie doesn't cover that much, but you get the point.

I looked online for a picture of what the back was supposed to look like, but I couldn't find one, so in the spirit of sharing, here's a tush shot, nice, eh?

I other news, my sister is coming to visit me, yey!! I'm soo excited!! I'm already making lists of things we can do, things to bake and places to visit. We're moving to a different (cheaper) apartment around the time she's here, so it'll be a great help ;-)

I might have another FO for next post, I hope.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yarn Harlot

No se si se han fijado, pero en los link que hay en la barra de la derecha esta este . Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka The Yarn Harlot) es una escritora de "humor tejeril" (?) escribe libros acerca de las personas que tejen, por las cosas que pasan y porque el mundo no nos comprende, todo con mucho humor.

Ahorita anda promocionando su mas reciente libro Things I learned from Knitting (Whether I wanted to on not).

A mi me encanta leer su blog, asi que cuando supe que venia para aca me apunte para ir a verla! Bueno, la verdad es que no me apunte inmediatamente y para cuando hable ya se habian agotado los boletos, repartieron 600 boletos gratis. Yo ya me habia resignado a no ir, pero en Raverly encontre uno.

Me la pase muy padre, lo unico malo de toda la noche fue el clima, estaba nevando y haciendo mucho viento, y aun asi hubo mucha gente.

The yarnery fue la tienda que organizo el evento. Tuvieron que reservar el auditorio de una universidad para que cupieramos todos.

Unos empelados de la tienda fueron los que abrieron el show. Cantaron unas canciones del musical Sound of Music pero todas las letras tenian que ver con la Harlot, tejidos, patrones, estambres y demas! muy divertido. Aqui esta el link a los videos Parte 1, Parte 2, parte 3 y Parte 4

Aqui estoy con Sarah, ella fue la que me dio su boleto extra, GRACIAS!
Mientras esperabamos para que nos firmara el libro se estuvieron rifando regalos. Yo me saque una bola de estambre y un libro de patrones.

Y aqui estoy con Stephanie, que tenemos en las manos? Ella esta sosteniendo mi calcetin y yo el suyo. Ahora voy a tener que terminar ese par de calcetines, jejejeje.
Para cuando llegue a que me firmara el libro ya era un poco tarde y la verdad pobre mujer! no se como le hace. Se porto muy agradable. Se me paso mencionarle mi primer par de calcetines, a lo mejor hubiera salido en su recuento del evento, en fin, sera para la proxima.


The Yarn Harlot! I guess everyone that knits is a bit familiar with Stephanie aka The Yarn Harlot, right? Well, I had the chance of going to her book presentation and it was sooo fun!!!
I got my ticket (which were free) thanks to Sarah, who I met through
The Yarnery organized the event and it was amazing. The Yarnery family singers did a great job of warming up the crowd.

I got to meet Sarah, who I met through Ravelry and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't had attended (she gave me her extra ticket), thanks Sarah!

I had so much fun! Stephanie was funny and witty. I forgot to mention that I was wearing my first pair of socks, maybe I would have made it into her blog.
I started a pair of socks on straight needles, and on the picture shes holding them and I'm holding her traveling sock.
If I could have a "do over" I would bring her a washcloth or a beer, but that will be next time ;-)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Feliz Cumpleaños Jazy!

Muchas felicidades!!!

Esperamos que te la pases muy padre en tu dia.
Yey! It's your birthday!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

All is good now

We've been through a rough patch the last couple of months, hence the lack of posting. All is good now and we'll keep going forward.

I've decided that I'm going to start posting about the things I make and bake at school. I, surprisingly, don't do that much baking at home, but that might change in the future. Consider yourself warned ;-)

I did manage to finish something

I'm squinting because it's hard to take your own picture while sitting on snow. This was taken 03/20 and we still got more snow!

Le slouch in Classic Elite Inca Alpaca the color is 1127 Cochineal red. I can't remember the needle size that I used, but, as always, I used 2 circulars instead of DPNs. I really liked the pattern and the yarn is sooo soft and warm. I actually had been wearing this without weaving the ends (just tucked under) to avoid posting about it :-(

This next FO was finished in Dec 06, but somehow never got around posting it. I think it was because shortly after we moved and we didn't need scarves there.

It's made with a 100% wool recycled yarn from a sweater that I bought for that very purpose. My husband liked the color and requested a scarf. I looked for "manly" scarf patterns and came across this one from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, very easy and very manly indeed!

The color is a much deeper red, you can see it in this next picture that was taken the day he got it.

Y ahora en Español!

No creo que alguien lo haya notado, pero no habia escrito mucho en el blog por causas personales. Gracias a Dios ya todo esta mejor y a seguir adelante!

He decidido que voy a empezar a escribir mas acerca de mis aventuras en la cocina, no se si ya lo mencione, pero estoy haciendo un certificado en alta reposteria. Asi que ya saben lo que pueden esperar.

Con todo y todo me sigo dando tiempo para tejer y entre las cosas que he acabado esta este gorro/boina
Le slouch tejido en alpaca, el estambre esta super suavecito y es muy calientito. La foto donde estoy yo la tome hace unos dias y todavia nevo mas despues de eso!
La bufanda se la teji a mi esposo en Diciembre 2006, pero por alguna razon no la habia puesto aqui. El estambre es 100% lana y fue reciclado de un sweater que compre en una segunda. El patron es de este
libro y lo puedes encontrar aqui, como ves no tiene chiste.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Knit-out 2008

Saturday my DH took me to Mall of America for the 2008 Knit-out, how could we let this opportunity pass? I had such a great time, I bet I would've enjoyed it more if I had taken a demo class or stayed for a demostration, but I didn't have time, we were only there for 3 hrs and most of the time was spent in line, but I think it was worth it!
I love getting freebies and DH stood in line with me, so he got a goodie bag too! All the ladies that were in line with us were very impress by his patience, he even brought me lunch to the line, I definetly hit the jackpot with this one <3 (does that look like a heart?)

I got to meet Vicky Howell, she's really nice, super nice! I now regret not going to her Crafty Planet presentation the day before. At least I got a picture, right?

This is one side of the Interweave Knits booth

This is the Lion Brand line, the booth is actually around the corner...40 min away, You would think they were giving money away, but no, it was just a black tote and free patterns

This dress was at the Knitting Machine Guild booth, I thought it was really cool.

This is my booty: Lots of free patterns, some magazines, several needle gauges, yarn, knitting needles (one free pair and if you donated 3 dlls they would give you a second pair, so I got some Knit-lite and some N.19 wood needles)

I had a great time! If you ever have the chance, don't let it pass.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feliz Dia de San Valentin!

Happy Valentine's Day!

and now that that's out of the way...

let me tell you about my latest trip to Salvys (Salvation Army). I'm a big thrift store fan, big. I love going to Goodwill, Salvation Army, Unique, you put the words "thrift store" by the name and I'll be there. Lately I haven't had a chance to go and the last time I was there I walked empty handed (shocking, right?), but boy am I happy I stopped there yesterday...

I found this

14 balls of Rowan's Yorkshire Tweed 4-ply

best part?

It was only $1.99 for all of them!

5 are brown, 2 blue, 2 grey, 1 green, 1 light green, 1 redish/brown, 1 orange-ish and 1 mauve

Any ideas or suggestions? I have enough for a sweater, but I would need to combine the colors...which scares me a bit.

Hope your thrift store trips are as rewarding as mine!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

20 days later

I can't believe it's been 20 days since my last post! So much has happened since...well not really. I came back from south of the border and started culinary school. For those of you who don't know me that well, I'll explain a little. I graduated from medical school, but it's been about 5 years since I practiced Medicine. I won't go into the reasons because sometimes it's even hard for me to understand what I'm doing. Long story short, I've always loved baking and pastry and for the next year that's what I'll be doing. After that, who knows, maybe I'll continue into the baking and pastry career or maybe I'll go back to medicine. Whatever I decide, I'll definitely be knitting!

And speaking of knitting, there are tons of things that I haven't posted yet.

Remember the calorimetries? Well, I ended up knitting about 20 of them. I don't have pictures of all of them, but here are a few. Needless to say, everybody loved them!

DH didn't get one, he was just posing, but even guys look good in them!

My mom received a hooded scarf, loosely based on this pattern. I used 2 skeins of Paton's Divine yarn. She liked it, but next time I'll try to round-off the top a little bit.

My MIL collects angels, so I decided to knit her an angel scarf. I modified this pattern to make it a scarf and I used Lion Brand's Jiffy yarn in one of her favorite colors: Yellow.

(MIL with my sister)

(Close up)

For my two sisters and my BIL I knitted each a pair of Felted clogs. I'm still waiting for the "good" pictures from my sisters, but here's at least a preview. My husband decided that his pair should also be in the picture. I still have to finish a pair for my little brother. I ran out of yarn in Juarez!

This adorable baby

got a pair of EZ baby booties from The Opinionated Knitter

My friend Roberto got a nice neckwarmer. Trust me, he could had sued me if I didn't crop the picture ;-)

I'll end this post with more babies! Well a baby and a toddler.

O-man got a Ganomy hat, another pattern by EZ found in The Knitter's Almanac

His sister Zaida got a top-down bonnet that I knitted with Kool-aid yarn

Aren't they cute?

I'm still missing some FOs. I'll post them next time.

Have a great week! or month, depends how much it takes me to post ;-)