Wednesday, November 19, 2008

looking for a post

Have you seen it? I'm looking for a post. I know I should post something, but can't somehow come up with an idea. I don't have pictures of my latest FO's and my brain is so fried from waking up at 3:40 for so many days that I can't really think of anything to post.
I can tell you about my day...
I woke up around 5am, a little later than usual because I had a medical appointment.
I left the house and was on time for my "procedure". It was not painful ( i thought it was going to be), but it wasn't pleasant either. That went pretty well. GAD!
After that we had breakfast at The Bad Waitress (for some reason I always call it the naughty waitress). The food is really good and we remember that we forgot to take my sisters there.
After that I went to work. I came in at 9am and started mixing scones (Orange + candied ginger), then I made a huge batch of chocolate chunk cookies, scooped them and started again with cherry oatmeal cookies. The place where I'm working (is it really working if you're not getting paid?) is fairly new, but becoming very popular. Everything is delicious!
I left at 2.30pm to catch a ride with a neighbor that works near by.
Got home, ate a sandwich with lots of onions and then watched Desperate Housewives and that's where I'm right now...
DH will get some take out (maybe spicy noodles) and we'll watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
We'll go to bed early and start all over again tomorrow.
How was your day?

p.s. now that I have reviewed my day I think that that I should be doing laundry and washing the dishes

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jazibe said...

forget the laundry! how about some SLEEP!
Takeout! ahhh, i remember those days.
Asi que es cierto, en casa del herrero... o zapatero? something something de palo? (osease que no cocinas!) jaja
un beso