Monday, November 03, 2008


I know I already missed a day, but still, in the spirit of NoBloPoMo here's a list of things I have on my needles (sorry, no pictures, only links)

Juliet I started this almost a year ago (can it be that long?). I ran into some problems because I substituted the original yarn and my gauge was much , much smaller.

Phiaro Technically off the needles, but still need to hide all the ends and braid the fringe. I didn't use a pattern, I kinda figured it out myself , very easy mindless knitting.

The Greenery Hat This is for DH. I'm using Lion Brand's fishermen's wool in brown. I really like it, hopefully it will be done before it snows... for real (ok, it has snowed, but it was mostly rain and it didn't accumulate)

I know I have lots of UFO's but I can't recall names or yarns...I'll leave that for later.

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