Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two firsts

First pair, hopefully not the last

They're done! After I don't know how many months (more than 12 for sure!), my first pair of socks are finally done. They're not that bad for a first pair of socks, they fit and are wearable. I gotta say, I finished them out of conviction, more than love of knitting socks... I didn't catch the sock-knitting-bug. I'll try once more (it wasn't that bad) with a more "festive" yarn that will keep me awake...maybe a different pattern. I definitely loved the fact that they were toe-up and knitted two on 2 circulars. I liked the "after-thought" heel. I didn't like that they ended up too pointy and that the ribbing took FOREVER! I used knit picks Two at once toe-up socks pattern and Essential yarn.

Heel close-up

Por fin los termine! Mi primer par de calcetines. Hace mas de un año que empece a tejerlos y hasta ayer los termine. La verdad no me gusto mucho tejer calcetines, estos los acabe mas por conviccion propia que gusto, pero ya que los veo acabados, no salieron tan mal! Yo creo lo voy a volver a intentar con diferente estambre y a lo mejor un patron diferente. Me gusto que se empiezan en la punta, que se tejen dos al mismo tiempo en 2 agujas circulares y el talon es muy facil. No me gusto que acabaron quedando un poco puntiagudos y el punto elastico no mas no se acababa!

And now another first...


This is my first Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern (and my first post in Zimmermania!) I made the hat form Knitting Workshop. This is my first color work and I like the way in tourned out. It wasn't as hard as I thought, I just need to remember to knit loosely. I liked the instructions, but I feel I need to keep notes for when I want to used the same pattern (instructions are buried within the text). I didn't follow the pattern exactly (who can?), but I feel it lays a pretty good foundation for future hats. I think I'm hooked!

Now, If I can only make the back look as good as the front...any suggestions?


Este dia ha sido de "primeros" aparte de mi primer par de calcetines, tambien acabe el primer proyecto diseñado por Elizabeth Zimmermann. Este es el gorro de Knitting Workshop, es el primer tejido que hago incorporando diferentes colores de estambre. Si tejes y nunca has oido hablar de EZ, googoleala! Vale la pena, ella mas que darte un patron de como tejer algo, te explica y te da rienda suelta para que tu lo modifiques. Esta resulto una buena "receta" que estoy segura volvere a usar. Lo unico que no me gusto fue que como esta tejido en circular, el diseño no esta alineado, sabes como solucionarlo?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yey! I'm finally back to knitting!! I started yesterday and so far so good. I decided to cast on yet another project. I don't know, I needed something that would be quick and since I joined the Zimmermania! (did you noticed the button on the sidebar?) I decided to start with the hat from Knitting Workshop. I'm using some alpaca I bought a looong time ago in a galaxy far far away, actually in Juarez. I've never done color work ( stripes don't count) so this project should give me, once it's done, multiple satisfactions ;-)

I prefer to use 2 circulars instead of DIP's

Last Saturday was our first night out on the town, can you believe it?! It took us exactly 3 months to go out for dinner and drinks. Maybe we had put it off because we don't know a lot of people, that's why we were really excited when Ambica and Mike told us they were coming. They live close by in Wisconsin and sometimes drive to the Twin cities to escape their little town. We ended up going for dinner to Blackbird , everything was really good and the staff was friendly, we ended up staying until 11 pm when they close at 10pm, and nobody said anything! We had a really nice time, I don't know if I'll be back thou, sometimes I like to have dessert and they don't have a good dessert menu. After that, we went downtown, had some drinks and listened to some jazz. Had a great time. Thanks guys for visiting!

Having a good time

Besides ripping thrift store sweaters, and now a little knitting, I'm keeping busy by listings things on eBay, currently I don't have knitting related items, but I'm planning on listing some books and magazines that I have, check it out!

I just realized that I have been blogging for more than a year and only have 35 posts! at this rate I'll take another 2 years to reach 100, that's why I've made the decision to blog at least once a week, even if I don't have any FO's, new WIP's or news to report. Consider this my once-a-week notice.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Still not knitting

I'm still not knitting, so I decided to dye some yarn that I had. I've been meaning to do this for months! So I started with some small samples of the yarns I had for dyeing and some Kool-aid, then I moved to some Jacquard Acid dyes that I bought last year. I basically followed the instructions on the web site, but combined several colors (vermillion, fiery red, burgandy and burnt orange). I liked the end results, next time I'll tied the skeins a little bit looser to avoid "white-spots". Most of the yarn came from thrift-store sweaters and will probably become various felted christmas presents for my family, but there was a bunch of yarn that my husband bought me in Germany and for that I have great plans...I just need to give my finger a little more rest, but I'm prepared!

I got a XXL man's sweater (J. Crew 100% wool) at the thrift store to keep myself busy for another week (in case you're wondering, I'm going to recycle the yarn and probably make something else) I love cheap yarn!