Friday, November 07, 2008


Apparently I didn't realize yesterday that it WAS already Thursday! It snowed today for most of the morning, but there was no accumulation and it didn't get that cold, so the hat is still unused.
Today was my last day of production class. In this class we pretend to have a bakery and we make products to sale to faculty, staff and students. Each week we take turns to be the "manager". It was very hectic, but fun. Tomorrow we get to finish our sugar sculptures ( I promise there will be pictures later) and Monday I start my internship. I need 120 hrs, so it will take me about 3 weeks. After that I only have 3 weeks to get ready for my trip! It will probably take me that long to pack.
I forgot to write about a beret I made for my mom (this is just a remainder for myself, he he he)

p.s. post without pictures are no fun :-(

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