Monday, February 18, 2008

Knit-out 2008

Saturday my DH took me to Mall of America for the 2008 Knit-out, how could we let this opportunity pass? I had such a great time, I bet I would've enjoyed it more if I had taken a demo class or stayed for a demostration, but I didn't have time, we were only there for 3 hrs and most of the time was spent in line, but I think it was worth it!
I love getting freebies and DH stood in line with me, so he got a goodie bag too! All the ladies that were in line with us were very impress by his patience, he even brought me lunch to the line, I definetly hit the jackpot with this one <3 (does that look like a heart?)

I got to meet Vicky Howell, she's really nice, super nice! I now regret not going to her Crafty Planet presentation the day before. At least I got a picture, right?

This is one side of the Interweave Knits booth

This is the Lion Brand line, the booth is actually around the corner...40 min away, You would think they were giving money away, but no, it was just a black tote and free patterns

This dress was at the Knitting Machine Guild booth, I thought it was really cool.

This is my booty: Lots of free patterns, some magazines, several needle gauges, yarn, knitting needles (one free pair and if you donated 3 dlls they would give you a second pair, so I got some Knit-lite and some N.19 wood needles)

I had a great time! If you ever have the chance, don't let it pass.


jazibe said...

awesome goodies! that dress is fun in a disturbing kind of way... Sounds like a very fin even, is there anything going on in June? a craft fair maybe?

Batty said...

Fabulous goodies! And your husband is such a great guy for going with you and standing in line. That's such a sweet thing to do.

Queen of the froggers said...

What a great time. That dress is fab!