Friday, April 18, 2008

Baby Bobbi Bear

Isn't he cute? I love it. It was a somewhat easy knit, there were times when I got lost in the pattern, but it was easy enough to take it on a plane with me.This is the pattern and I got it through a swap on Knitty, thanks Jeannie!

I also have the "regular" size Bobbi Bear pattern, one of these days I'll knit that one too.

Lets see... I used some worsted wool, no label and probably from a thrift store. I had some leftover yarn (I'm thinking cupcakes) and used 2 circular needles to knit it. The tie is some yellow ribbon the I had. I felt that it looked "naked", the tie doesn't cover that much, but you get the point.

I looked online for a picture of what the back was supposed to look like, but I couldn't find one, so in the spirit of sharing, here's a tush shot, nice, eh?

I other news, my sister is coming to visit me, yey!! I'm soo excited!! I'm already making lists of things we can do, things to bake and places to visit. We're moving to a different (cheaper) apartment around the time she's here, so it'll be a great help ;-)

I might have another FO for next post, I hope.


jazibe said...

soo cute! what's his name? Ermenegildo? jeje
see ya'

Bev said...

He turned out really cute! And the tie was a nice touch. Well Done!

Batty said...

So adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love it too!!! Your Bobbi looks perfect plus it's cute, adorable and sweet all rolled up into one.