Thursday, November 15, 2007

A day late

Yesterday was my Martes 13. I had a little accident while making this:

Ayer fue mi Martes 13. Mientras teñia este estambre tuve un pequeño accidente.

I really like it! I think the blue makes all the difference, don't you? The stripes are much longer (1 yd each). I'll knit another swatch to see how it works.

El estambre me encanto como quedo, mucho mas que el anterior. Yo creo que el azul hace la diferencia, no? Estas rayas son mas gruesas. Me queman las manos por tejer una muestra para ver como quedan!

Anyways, as I was saying, I dyed this yarn with kool-aid in the microwave and this happened

Pues como les decia, tuve un accidente mientras teñia el estambre en el microondas

Thank god it was the last part I had to dye. It was all done in sections, one by one.

This is what my hands looked like... I swear, my husband is still alive!

Las manso me quedaron rojas. Ya casi se me quita, solo me quedan las uñas.

After that I had another accident, one that involved an FO and scissors, but more about that later, once I figure how or if I can fix it.

Despues de ese percance tuve otro. Despues les muestro lo que pasa cuando mezclas un tejido terminado con unas tijeras, ayayay! Espero poder componerlo.


jazibe said...

love love love hot the colors came out! the blue really makes the difference. Too bad about your micro...

adri said...

holy crap look at the color everywhere! i'm calling to see if roberto is alright. i don't believe it was all kool-aid. likely story, abril!

i do love catching up on all your work though. knit like mad, woman!