Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I haven't knit a swatch with the rainbow yarn yet, but I will...soon. The yarn that I swapped came in the mail today, Yey! Thanks to someone on the knitty boards I can continue to knit one of the Christmas presents in my list.

I'm currently swatching some lace weight acrylic yarn. When I bought this yarn, I thought it was wool :-(

By now you probably know that I like cheap yarns (as in $$ not quality) and this particular yarn I bought at a thrift store for a very low price, so It doesn't hurt as much that it didn't turned out to be wool, but more on that tomorrow.

Right now I want to show you one of the many reason why I like to shop thrift stores and garage sales

Six skeins of Berga 100% ren ull (that's wool, right?) for $5 dlls! The needles are still in the WIP, what more can you ask for?

Este post es de por mientras. Aun no hago una muestra con el estambre que teñi ayer, yo creo manana lo hago, la curiosidad me esta consumiendo!
Hoy teji unas muestras de calos (lace) con estambre acrilico, a ver como sale eso.
La foto muestra una de las tantas razones por las que me gusta comprar estambres en tiendas de baratijas y en ventas de garage: Una bolsa con 6 madejas de estambre 100% lana, aun con las agujas y por solo $5 dlls!


Batty said...

Sorry about the synthetic fiber surprise, but the other stuff is quite a find (and yes, ull means wool). I wonder what that WIP was going to be... I'd be half tempted to improvise and continue if it looks like it'll fit, but then, I'm weird.

jazibe said...

great find!
Have you gone back to bribing the old ladies at the thrift store to save all the yarn for you? hehe