Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Rainbow yarn

Yesterday I dyed some yarn with Kool-aid...it didn't go as smooth as planned. I had used it before, but not for self striping yarn and definitely not using steam, but for some reason I decided to do both at the same time.

These are the colors that I used. From left to right: Piña, naranja, fresa, cherry, black cherry, uva ( I used mexican kool-aid, same results much cheaper price!)

After dissolving the powder in a little water (turned out it was too much), I applied the color with a brush to each section.

This is what it looked like before I used steam to set the dye. You can already see that the black cherry looks a little brown and the uva (grape) looks gray. I think that I didn't wash the brush enough and that the colors got a little mixed.

While steaming. You can see how the yellow has fresa (strawberry) stains. I didn't think of putting plastic wrap on the bottom of the colander, the grape/black cherry colors dripped and ended up being much lighter.

Final product. Yellow doesn't look bad, it has some darker stains, but I like it. The grape looks grey-ish in some parts, I'm thinking that it might not look as bad once I knit a swatch. It didn't turned out as I had dreamed, but it might still work for some fake isle hats.

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jazibe said...

no se ve mal! en serio! lo que pasa es que ya quedaste predispuesta pensando que no te iba a salir, y por eso ya no te gusto. Pero dejame te digo que se ve muy bien!