Friday, November 16, 2007


Once again I forgot to post. It really doesn't matter because I had been out of the contest since day two. I was out of my apartment most of the day and totally forgot about the blog until now, half an hour to late to count for today (or yesterday).
I'm still posting twice, just so I can say I posted 30 times in November, he he he.

Today, while waiting for DH, I started "test" knitting koolhaas. Test knitting, for me, is knitting something in a different yarn than stated in the pattern, just to see how it comes out and if I can stand the pattern, whatever the outcome, I'll find a recipient. But I have to say, so far so good. I'm doing cables without the cable needle and knitting it on 2 circular needles, oh! and I'm using Lion Brand's Wool-Ease. I'll post pictures later today.

Edited to say: OMG! It looks like I'm in a different time zone than blogger and it's still Nov 16 there! por un pelito de rana.

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jazibe said...

que suerte tienen las que no se bañan!
test knitting to me sounds like Knitting the same thing twice! haha