Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rainbow Brite

( I know! I thought it was Rainbow Bright, too!)

If Rainbow Brite was a member of my family, this is what she would get for Christmas:

Calorimetry made with self-dyed yarn . I liked how it turned out, I only wish I had added some blue or green to the mix to balance out the reds. I still have a lot (and I mean a lot) of yarn left. I'll try knitting something small, to see if I can get complete stripes. That would be nice.

Se acuerdan de las caricaturas de Rainbow Brite? Bueno pues si ella fuera parte de mi familia, este seria su regalo de navidad, un Calorimetry (si una mas!) hecha con el estambre reciclado que teñi yo misma con kool-aid. Quede contenta con el producto final. la proxima vez que tiña algo le voy a poner un poco de verde o azul para cortar tanto rojo. Despues de navidad les cuento a quien le toco este regalo.


Batty said...

Beautiful Calorimetry! Happy and colorful, and it goes over the ears. To me, that's the most important thing in a head covering because I just can't stand the cold. It makes my ears hurt.

jazibe said...

nice! who's it for? who's it for?!!!