Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chase's Calendar of Events

Sorry, no knitting stuff today.
When I worked as an Assistant Librarian, one of the things I liked doing was checking this book, to find out what was being celebrated on that day. Since I couldn't think of something more interesting to blog about, here's what I found out.

~ Mexico's Revolution day 1910( I knew that! No school, no work and a parade)

~ Name your PC day My sister's laptop has a name, Matilda. My husband decided to name ours "that's stupid"

~ Anniversary of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials 1945

~ The Sheik was released. I don't think I'm ever watching this movie.

~ Lucerne Piano Festival runs from Nov.20-25. My sister should go and have a look.

~ United Nations Universal Children's Day. In Mexico is celebrated on April 30. Schools have festivals on that day and it's really fun.

I promise, tomorrow I'll have some knitting done.

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