Thursday, November 19, 2009


Some of my friends got together to throw me a baby shower. In the past , I'm the one that makes the cake/dessert for the occasion, so this time I wouldn't let them say no.

I baked some chocolate cupcakes. Everybody loved them! They had a chocolate ganache center and a butter cream frosting.

Cupcakes cooling

After cutting out the center, I pipped chocolate ganache in each cupcake

After pipping the frosting with a big star tip, I sprinkled some coarse sugar

I got this awesome cupcake tower at Marshall's for less than $15! It fits 32 cupcakes. I had about 25 leftover cupcakes (that didn't fit in the tower) and I used them as long over due Thank you gifts.
I've been working on my To-Do lists. We're having family over for Christmas and I have to rearrange furniture, clean, plan menus and get ready for baby!

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