Friday, April 20, 2007

Sin mucho que reportar...

*scroll down for english

No hay mucho que decir. No he tejido tanto como me gustaria, en parte porque se me acabo el estambre de un proyecto y estoy esperando que me manden mas (como si fuera el unico estambre qeu tengo, jejejeje). La costura ahi va, mas lento de lo esperado.

Acabo de ordenar en Amazon estos libros:

Gracias a Elizabeth que me dio la tarjeta de regalo con la que compre los libros. Luego les platico como estan.

Tambien estamos planeando nuetro viaje a el viejo mundo. Vamos a visitar a Jazy y Gera, y a aprovechar para ir a otros lugares. Ya tambien les platicare de eso. Hasta pronto!

* Not much to say. I haven't been knitting as much as I would like to, in part because I ran out of yarn for the project I was working on, no need to panic, yarn is on its way!
I recently ordered some books on Amazon (Gift card courtesy of a Elizabeth, a very sweet lady).
We're getting ready to go visit Jazy and Gera. We'll be there for almost a month! Lots of things to see and do. Of course, I'll be posting our adventures, maybe a little bit late, but better late than never!


jazibe said...

los esperamos! (en el viejo mundo.. jeje)

Jeri said...

re your clapotis comment:
I bet a 15-70-15 ratio would work for a longer thinner clapi. The important point is to make sure you have enough for the decrease rows, i.e. as much as you use for the increase rows.