Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I'm no stranger to snow or cold weather, but something tells me (OK everybody keeps telling me) that Minnesota winters are different. It's being snowing here and by the looks of it, Minnesotans will have a white Christmas, not me, I'll be south of the border telling people how it's not really cold there, how they would be freezing their traseros off in Minneapolis.

Thankfully its' been cold , but I haven't been cold...could it be because I spent most of my days indoors? Anyways, I'm pretty sure I'll be knitting lots of socks, mittens and scarves to keep ourselves warm and toasty. I'm actually looking forward to knitting for myself, right now it's all about the Christmas presents and Locapalooza. I really doubt that I'll be able to knit everyone a present, we'll see.

One thing that I have noticed is the absence of snowmen, I guess people are so used to the snow that they don't play with it, and they must be used to driving in the snow, because it takes more than 24 hrs to start plowing the streets, at least in my neighborhood.

And for those who are keeping track, I knitted 3 more Christmas presents, yey!

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jazibe said...

chida la foto!
Nos vemos pronto, y mantente tu trasero calientito, jeje