Friday, July 13, 2007

Un buen dia

As promised in the last post, here are the pictures of my mini-Clapotis.
Tal como lo prometi en el ultimo post, aqui esta una foto de mi mini-clapotis.

Pattern: Clapotis from Knitty
Yarn: Noro's Silk Garden, can't remember the color.
Modifications: I did less setup rows to make it skinnier. It ended up measuring almost 79" long by 11 across.
The oranges are not as bright, but usually I don't wear orange. This scarf will be a nice way to warm up a cold winter day.
Patron: Clapotis de Knitty
Estambre: Silk Garden de Noro
Modificaciones: Teji la bufanda menos ancha.
En la foto se ve mas naranja de lo qeu es, de cualquier manera no estoy acostumbrada a usar el anaranjado en la ropa. Esta bufanda va a ser una buena manera de alegrar un frio dia de invierno.

Yesterday was a good day, I baked some delicious chocolate cupcakes and I got some goodies in the mail:

Ayer fue un buen dia, hice kekitos de chocolate y recibi varias sorpresas en el correo:

1) My state ID! Which I'm not showing the picture
Por fin me llego mi identificacion del estado

2)My Knitty swap package arrived, Thank you yarn-a-holic!

Me llego mi paquete del intercambio que hice antes de venirme para aca.

3) and last but not least, We won! We got free tickets to go see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in 3-D!

Y por ultimo, Ganamos!! Nos mandaron boletos gratis para ir a ver la nueva pelicula de Harry Potter en 3-D, luego les platico como esta.


Bufanditas said...

Uuuh, I love your Clapotis Color!!

What a coincidence, I just pulled some chocolate cupcakes out of the oven myself. It's my sister's birthday so I made them in her honor.

jazibe said...

awesome clapotis, delicious cupcakes, not-so-great movie (but i am sure that the words "free" and "3D" will make it 10 times better!)
love ya and keep on bloggin'

Diana said...

Your clapotis is amazing.

Your SP is too!

*grabs a cupcake* you don't mind, do you?

Batty said...

Those colors remind me of sunlight and vacation and drinks with little umbrellas in them. Gorgeous!

And I'm so jealous, HP is exactly the kind of movie I'd want to see at an IMAX theater. You'll have a great time!

Windy Knitty said...

I love your Clapotis (I saw it on Craftster first)--very sunny! I have some skeins of Silk Garden, so I may have to try that myself:)

Mallory said...

Wow, what a beautiful Clapotis!! And thank you for commenting on my blog :)